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Stress Relief Techniques

The aim is to introduce the reboot your brain process free stress relief techniques, dealing with anxiety and depression free self-help resources to the entire world. 

Stress, anxiety, depression and fear are the root causes of all the ailments we are witnessing on this planet.  We believe that by empowering people to deal with, and remove these destructive emotions we will greatly contribute to a better world. 

We know that when a sufficient number of people learn how to manage their thoughts and emotions, that shift of consciousness will affect the rest of the world's population.  We also know that such a global shift will contribute to the altering our future.

Presently it seems as if planet earth is being primarily affected by two destructive global energies ...fear and greed.  These are  two ugly sisters that are constantly giving birth to a multiple number of social evils--terrorism, crime, racism, war, hate, mistrust and selfishness. 

The effects that such destructive energies are having on our Planet, our long suffering animals and vegetation are now becoming evident.

We believe that all these negative conditions that have been compounding over the centuries can and will be reversed in an instant. 

We know that we all have the solution to these challenges embedded into our DNA.  There is little doubt that the human race was created to succeed.  At birth we were all given the most sophisticated super computer available and we were all wired together as in a matrix so that we could help each other.

We do not believe that the ultimate power and presence in the universe created us so that we may finally destroy one another and our planet.  Therefore, we have full confidence in the success of this project. 

We invite you to participate in this process by using the Reboot Your Brain stress relief techniques to first improve your own life and then to promote the process and distribute the techniques to others.





We initially planned to primarily promote the Reboot Your Brain process to the Canberra (ACT) region and Australia.  We felt that since the Reboot your Brain process is so effective a ripple effect would quickly occur and spill over to other countries.

Interestingly the reverse has taken place.  We are pleasantly surprised that despite the fact that we have not yet commenced our official campaign, thousands of people from all around the world have downloaded the free videos and are now using the process.

We expect the official launch of the program to be in 2010 at a date to be announced..  At this time, we will begin promoting the Reboot Your Brain Process stress relief techniques in Canberra ACT and other Australian capital cities.  This will involve, radio and media advertising and the placement of pamphlets, brochures and free DVDs in strategic locations.

Once this is done we intend to work with international volunteers who are willing to help promote the process in their countries.

  • Internet Distribution:  We have recently completed uploading the Reboot Your Brain Process Stress Relief Techniques Level 1, 2, 3, and the Energy Tap Dance to YouTube and I-Tunes. We will continue searching for appropriate sites and forums.  If you know of any such suitable sites please let us know.
  • Production of DVDs and promotional material:  We are planning the production of free DVDs, pamphlets, brochures, bumper stickers and other promotional material.  If you are able to assist in the production and distribution of DVDs and promotional material, or want to offer to promote the Reboot Your Brain process in some way please write
  • Official opening in Canberra in 2010. (Date to be announced)






These projects will aim to promote the Reboot Your Brain process to specific targeted groups.  We will start with those sections of the community that are affected by high stress levels because of their activities, age and other social factors.  We have identified some of these.  They are listed below in order of priority.

  • Public servants, police, military, general health workers, hospital staff and patients, private security guards, counsellors and their clients, mental health workers, prison officers and prisoners.
  • Retail employees and front line staff dealing with the general public.
  • Young people, teachers and educators through schools and educational bodies.

If you wish to propose a project for your particular group or community sector let us know.  Please propose projects that you are willing to be personally conduct--we already have lots of ideas for future projects :-)



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