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The brain is the body's organ responsible for the physical manifestation of excessive stress, negative thinking, negative self-talk, exaggeration, destructive judgement, victim mentality, fear and depression.  At the same time, when properly used,  the brain enables us to experience positivity, love, spirituality, creativity and ingenuity.

I have learned to compare the brain to a powerful sending and receiving computer connected to the matrix of life.

Indeed, you may not realise that, right now, you are in possession of and are using the most powerful supercomputer in existence--far more powerful than all of the computers in the world combined.  Right now, you may not feel like you do--but it is true :-)

We take great care of all the other body's organs, muscles, bones, ligaments and skin.  Remarkably, we neglect the very organ that is responsible for dealing with our emotions, feelings, thoughts and our physical well being.  Indeed some say that the brain is the organ responsible for enabling us to shape the very course of our lives.

For years I have studied and believed in the power of thought--yet only recently I was made aware of the supreme role of the brain.  Of course!  After all, is it not the organ responsible for generating and receiving thoughts?

In the book Brain Wave Vibration, IIchi Lee explains that when the brain is vibrating abnormally (because of negative early conditioning) it is literally incapable of sustaining the long term production (and reception) of positive thoughts and energies--just as much as a crooked wheel is incapable of spinning in a smooth motion.  If you have ever driven a car with wheels out of alignment, you will know what I mean.

Instantly, I realised why most of the feel-good and think-positive products on the market today fail to work.  They focus on the power of thoughts rather than focusing on the power of organ that creates and receives thoughts!

This also explains the failure of traditional, alternative and spiritual healing methods when applied to behaviour correction--some produce short term improvement, but the destructive behaviour resurfaces in some other form.

If you want to learn more about this topic, I urge you to read the two books below in the order I have listed them.  I wish I had discovered these books a lot earlier in life!

1.  Brain Wave Vibration: Getting Back into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life by IIchi Lee
2.  Mind Power into the 21st Century by John Kehoe




I produced this free audio and video self-help product after over 20 years of research and personal experiments using well-known and respected self-help and self-healing technologies such as Qi-Gong, Reiki, E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the above mentioned Brain Wave Vibration technique developed by IIchi Lee.

On their own each of these healing techniques can produce amazing beneficial results.  By weaving their powers together and by adding carefully selected rhythmic sounds and brain entrainment binaural technology, I believe I have produced a product which will bring immense benefits to anyone who uses it.

The Reboot Your Brain process does not rely on faith or spirituality to work.  It is a purely mechanical and vibratory process that stimulates the brain's own natural self-healing and self-regulating abilities. 

I decided to add the brain entrainment and binaural sound technology to the sound tracks --they are not really necessary for the process to work--but they certainly enhance it.  

My personal experience and that of my close friends and associates with the Reboot Your Brain Process have been extremely encouraging.  Indeed even the most ardent sceptics have reported benefits. 

The purpose of this website is to offer free self-help audio and video programs which will help people improve their lives and make this planet a better place.  

This website will not explain to you why and how the Reboot Your Brain Process works.  If you wish to learn more about the various components that are included in my audios and videos, you can do so by visiting the self-help links page.

Can this amazingly simple self-help process help you deal with healing your body and your mind, deal with depression, alleviate anxiety, manage anger, recover from chronic fatigue syndrome and help you improve your personal performance?  Only you will be able to answer that question. 

Download the Reboot You Brain self-help audio and video files and experiment with them.  Try them on everything and share your experiences. 

When you do experience a benefit (whether it is a miraculous healing or a small improvement), please publish it in our blog.  The information that you provide will help me refine, modify and improve the self-help audios and videos.





These self-help audios and video programs and all future healing products offered on the Reboot Your Brain website will always be free of charge.   You do not need to register with us to download the free audio and video-and you are encouraged to share these healing products freely. 

The video and audio files are subject to copyright--so please do not disassemble these products or alter them in any way.





  • Thank you IIchi Lee for discovering the Brain Wave Vibration process and for making it available freely to the masses through you inexpensive book and free audio and video presentations.
  • My thanks go to Dr. Mitchell and Kathy Gibson who have generously allowed me to use a portion of their amazing sound track "First Manifestation" as a background for the Reboot Your Brain Level 3 meditation.  This sound is literally out of this world.  I listen to this track every day and each time I get new insights.  I strongly suggest to purchase the full track--it is truly amazing.
  • Thank you to Jivoung Oh, producer of the album "Music for Brain Wave Vibration" for allowing me to use a portion of the track "Sa-mul-nori" as background for the Level 1 and Level 2 "Reboot Your Brain" sessions.  The music consists of deep and rhythmic drums and other instruments from Korea.   I purchased the album and it has become one of my favourites.  You can dance and meditate to this music--it is so versatile. 


Shake off stress, depression and negative thoughts easily and quickly! 

If I told you that shaking your head and tapping certain parts of the body will help you reduce your stress levels, get you out of a negative mindset and even beat your depression, would you be prepared to try it? 

In this fun video you will be listening to a funky drum beat and tapping certain parts of your body to the rhythm. 

Bronwyn will show you what to do.  Once you have learned the moves, close your eyes and follow your inner rhythm.  

The sound track is a segment of Sa-mul-nori.  I also included in the track  a gentle tapping sound that will help you get into the "feel good" frequency--the Alpha Brain Frequency.

If you are unable to make full movements with your head and arms, do the best you can.  Small movements will work just fine.  As you progress, your head and arm movements will improve on their own.  This is a gentle and easy process--please do not use force.   

Make sure to follow the "deep breathing" prompts.  Breathing correctly is of paramount importance.  Indeed in some cultures, many ailments of the mind, body and spirit are resolved through correcting the breathing process.

Use this process whenever you feel stressed or are experiencing negative and depressing thoughts.    Try it when sensing the onset of any negative situation affecting your body, mind or spirit.  Prevention is better than cure, so act early.  Excuse yourself, go somewhere private and enjoy the process--listen through earphones for added benefit and privacy.

For minor situations, gently shaking the head side to side for a few minutes will provide relief.  You can perform this procedure easily, even when at your workstation or in a busy home environment.  However, I recommend you practise the full Level 1 process as instructed (wearing earphones).

The benefits of the Reboot Your Brain Self-healing Technique Level 1 are compounding.  As you practise, you should see gradual, tangible and pleasing improvements.

This self-healing process takes only 10 minutes.  Recommended dose:  Minimum 3 times a day before or after meals. 

The audio includes Alpha frequency brain entrainment sound technology.  This frequency is associated with well being and relaxation.  The audio does not contain subliminal messages. 

IMPORTANT: Always check with your physician before downloading or using any of the Reboot Your Brain Process self-healing programs.  People affected by mental or physical illness must consult with their physician before using any of these products.   Do not use when operating machinery or driving.







Could this simple, free technique be the natural antidepressant the world has been looking for? 

Our bodies and minds were created perfect.  The human body is, without doubt, the most technically advanced self-sustaining machine. 

The human body also comes with its own highly sophisticated repair mechanism. 

Indeed, no doctor or healer has ever healed the human body. 

They can only facilitate the healing process by stimulating certain automatic functions of the body by creating chemical reactions, removing damaged parts and setting bones so that they may heal correctly.

Right now, as you are reading this webpage, your brain is monitoring, managing and directing a multitude of  resources to sustain your life.  Effortlessly, the brain deals simultaneously with an infinite number of complex equations and biological processes--some of which still baffle the most advanced scientists.

Just as with Level 1, this self-help video focuses on techniques which aim to help stabilise the brain's vibrations, and to literally "Reboot" the brain's own healing abilities. 

In addition to the voice prompts found in Level 1, I have added prompts that encourage you to visualize blue light descending upon you.  Visualizing is a simple process, as simple as "thinking".  Can you think of your bedroom?  Your dining room? Your favourite person or fun activity?  Well done, you are now visualizing--it is not a big deal--anybody can visualize.

The process of visualization is a very powerful stimulus for the brain.  In Level 2, you use the process of visualization to help yourself overcome physical, mental and emotional issues.

Example 1:  You visualize your body's immune system as a vast army of powerful, well-trained soldiers.  Imagine the soldiers attacking and disintegrating the invading viruses or bacteria.  You are the general giving the commands, and praising your "soldiers" when they defeat the invading army.

Example 2:  You visualize the perfect companion of your dreams being with you.  In your mind, act and speak as if this person is there--savour the experience, have fun with it.

Example 3: You are the director of your movie and you rewrite the script of your (life) movie in accordance with how you want it to be.  Be sure to deal with one scene at a time--do not try to cram in too much.

If repeated over and over again, you brain will eventually respond to these "commands".  When you start feeling good, you know that you are now helping your brain stabilise its vibrations. 

These brief moments of joy (even though we are dealing with projected joy) will cause your brain to vibrate at a different frequency--and that is when amazing things can start to happen.

Up until now your brain may have been vibrating in a "war-like" state.  For as long as your brain is in a "war-like" state, you cannot expect any long-lasting therapeutic results.   Indeed you may have temporary improvements--but sooner or later the unhelpful symptoms will reappear or re-emerge in a different form.

The Reboot Your Brain healing process is particularly important for the heroes of our society (soldiers, police officers, security, ambulance, nurses, doctors, counsellors) who witness and deal with traumatic events on an ongoing basis.

I sincerely believe that this process will be of great help to those suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I encourage Trauma Counsellours, Therapists, Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists to recommend the Reboot Your Brain Process to their clients.




Spend a little time planning the "mantra" you are going to use.  Make sure that it is a positive statement.  For example:

  • My body is getting better and better. 
  • Immune system advance! 
  • The tumour is gone completely -- gone-- completely gone!
  • I walk strong and tall!

Avoid using negative statements such as "I am not sick anymore,  I am no longer poor, I will not screw up" :-).

You do not have to believe in the statements you use as a mantra.  They are therapeutic elements which you are administering to your brain.  So, do not hold back.  Make your mantra short and powerful. 

Your brain will respond to these inputs whether they are real or not.  This is the reason why you are able to enjoy a good fiction story, shake with fear when watching a horror film, or cry when watching a girlie movie.

If the voice of your ego accuses you of being a liar, agree with the pest and say to it "I know!  This is therapy and nothing else--now bugger off! I have to take care of my brain."

Incidentally, those of you who are constantly putting up with insults, criticism, negative self-talk and  putdowns meted out by your ego, (the nasty and cruel voice within), can expect dramatic changes of empowerment. 

Your ego knows this and will try to discourage you from doing this process.  Do not allow it to do so.  Do the process at least three times a day and whenever else you need it.

This product is not intended to replace Western medicine.   Indeed, there is no reason why any product should aim to replace Western medicine.  Western medicine is producing miraculous results--it is not perfect, but it is reliable, so why mess with it?

In this self-help anti-depressant self-healing video I have used the most powerful principles of healing I have learned studying Reiki, Qi-Gong, Brain Wave Vibration, and E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique).

The sound track is a segment of the fabulous Sa-mul-nori music.  I have also included in the track  a brain entrainment technology (the warble you hear in the background).  This is a powerful tool that will help you get into the "feel good" frequency--the Alpha Brain Frequency.  For this reason, wear earphones when possible. 

There are no subliminal messages on this track.  So, if after listening to this process, you think you are Superman and you jump out of the window--do not blame me.

DISCLAIMER: Always check with your physician before downloading or using this self-healing video program.  People affected by mental or physical illness must consult with their physician before using any of these products.   Do not use when operating machinery or driving.






How to get energy and deal with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression.

All of the Reboot Your Brain recordings will help you shake off depression, pessimism and negative self-talk.  The combined technologies used in these products create a vortex of energy that, if persistently practised, will shift even the most stubborn of negative patterns in your life.

The Energy Tap Dance includes several extra elements that are designed with the specific intent of getting you moving, revitalising your mind and your body, and getting the energy flowing.

Before I list the elements I included in this energy-giving product, I need to point out the most important issue--the vital issue that is confronting those suffering from low levels of energy and motivation.

Energy is forever flowing freely in the Universe. The only reason why you are suffering from low levels of energy and motivation is that you have been tricked into believing that you DO have low energy levels and poor motivation.  That is, something in your way of thinking about who you are is causing you to short circuit--causing a resistance to this flow of energy.

Common causes of such "short circuits" are negative self-talk, constant judgement of oneself and others, general negative thinking, victim mentality, pessimism, resentment, jealousy, anger and guilt.

All these negative feelings (energies) have a negative effect upon the brain. These effects compound over time. Sooner or later the destructive results manifest in a myriad of ways.

Can the Reboot Your Brain process help restore your brain vibrations? Try it and see.  I am not going to make any claims about this process.  Try the process three times a day for 30 days.  If it does not work--at the very least you had some fun, and also have breathed correctly for 30 minutes every day.

But if it does work, you will have liberated yourself from the tyranny of the ego--and that is when you will see miracles in your life --and the world will be a better place because of your new found freedom. 

I know this because I have seen it happen over and over again to so many people.

Once you are free from the tyranny of the ego, you will discover the real you: kind. generous, fun loving, interesting, sexy, prosperous, joyous, easy going, lucky, popular, sought after .... interested? You should be!

Now, about the elements and technologies I included ...

The Energy Tap Dance recording includes brain entrainment technology  (it's the warble you hear in the background). I created this sound especially for the Energy Tap Dance.

This sound is designed to stimulate the energy levels in your body.  Listen to it while you are exercising at the gym and you may be very pleased with your new found performance.  I practise weight lifting and martial arts and it works wonders for me.

The beauty about the brain entrainment process is that it is totally natural, and that, since it triggers a physiological response, the ego cannot do a thing to sabotage it.

The rhythmic combination of the drums and the sitar (I combined these two instruments using a sound mixer) will transport you into an Alpha state. This is the "Feel Good" frequency of the brain.

I also included some of the most powerful tapping points of E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique), Qigong (an ancient and powerful Chinese form of energy management) and specific easy-to-use techniques from the Brain Wave Vibration.



Practise the Energy Tap Dance as many times as you feel like--minimum once a day, preferably in the morning or midday.

Do not practise it before retiring, unless you are planning some enjoyable activity (such as eating pizza in bed and watching a scary movie ) * grin. 

In other words, if you are planning to go to sleep, do not do the Energy Tap Dance before jumping into bed.

This is one process that is best practised with others--the more the better.   There is such a thing as collective energy flow.

Grab a few loved ones and con them into doing it with you--after a short protest, they will love you for it.

If you are currently totally unpopular and have no friends ... don't worry in a short time you will have lots of friends to practise with.

The reason why you have no friends has nothing to do with who you think you are--it has a lot to do with how your brain is vibrating. If you have ugly (and rather silly friends) with gorgeous and intelligent girlfriends (and vice versa) you will know this statement to be true.

While you are dancing, allow yourself to be carried wherever the rhythm takes you, day dream if you like, entertain outrageous thoughts--everything is allowed (lawful and that does not hurt others).  If your ego causes you to go into judgement tell it to bugger off.

Pay close attention at the "coincidences" that start to happen to you. Notice these "coincidences" and go into gratitude.  Acknowledge these changes and say "thank you".  Who are you thanking? You will have to figure that one out all by yourself.  It really does not matter who you thank. The "feeling" of gratitude will, once again, cause your brain to vibrate at a frequency that will allow more of the good stuff to come to you--it's that simple.


This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Do not worry about "doing it right". You cannot do it wrong.  The tapping movements are so designed that no matter what you do, sooner or later, you will tap on one of the meridians.  Everyone who has a head can move it to some degree-and that it all that matters. Start with gentle, small movements and allow your body to tell you when it's time to make larger movements. Above all, do not use force.

DISCLAIMER: Always check with your physician before downloading or using this self-healing video program.  People affected by mental or physical illness must consult with their physician before using any of these products.   Do not use when operating machinery or driving.





Reprogram your brain and use the full power of your mind!


Level 3 of the Reboot Your Brain can help you reprogram your brain so that your life may be filled with joy, abundance and gratitude. 

Whether you are looking for financial abundance, physical improvements, emotional stability, spiritual advancement, stronger connection to your current faith (whatever that may be), or to become a more efficient agnostic, you are in for a real treat!

I also promise you that, unless you are already familiar with Dr. Gibson's work, you will have NEVER been exposed to the sound vibrations that you are about to experience.

I have always believed in the power of sound and vibration.  There is irrefutable evidence that music, sound and vibrations can--and do--alter people's behaviour and mind state. 

For the past 15 years, I have accumulated a huge collection of sounds and become familiar with some of the best synthesisers and brain wave vibration editors.

When I was looking for a background sound for the Level 3 of Reboot Your Brain, I wanted something special.   I knew that this was going to be a very powerful process which would benefit millions and also make this planet a better place.  I decided that the sound track had to be something that had never been done before.

I tinkered with a few Alpha and Theta brain entrainment files, but they did not produce the feelings I wanted.  I then decided to search the internet for a ready made track--unfortunately most of the audios I found were even more boring than the ones I had produced. 

Finally, after about one hour of aimless cyber meandering, I came across Mitchell and Kathy Gibson's site, and there I found "First Manifestation"--the perfect audio track for my project.

There is little doubt that Mitchell's and Kathy's generous and unselfish support have contributed to making the Level 3 Reboot your Brain process one of the most powerful audio visual self-help products available today.

I encourage you to read about the "First Manifestation" audio track and to purchase the full track (and no, I do not earn a commission).  I truly believe this sound track has the potential to change people's lives for the better.

I chose the background graphic because it aligns beautifully with my intention for this product.  It is my intention that the Level 3 Reboot Your Brain process assist you in reprogramming your brain so that you may experience a life filled with prosperity, happiness and good health.

Level 3 also includes some of the technologies I used in Level 1 and Level 2.  In particular I have included some of the more powerful techniques used in Qi-Gong, Reiki,  E.F.T. (Emotional Healing Technique) and the popular Brain Wave Vibration technique developed by IIchi Lee

The "First Manifestation" soundtrack is so powerful, I decided to leave in its original format.  Therefore; there are no brain entrainment sounds or subliminal suggestions embedded in this file (that I know of anyway * grin).


  • Frequency of use:  Do the process once per day, first thing in the morning or before retiring.
  • Environment:  Make sure that there will be no interruptions. 
  • Privacy:  Wear earphones.  Make sure to adjust the sound to a comfortable level.  This is not the type of sound you want to broadcast from your stereo speakers for everyone to hear (unless you do not value your freedom).
  • Plan your mantra (intention).  Make it short and to the point.  Arrive at a personal rhythm and repeat it over and over again. 

    When planning your mantra, be especially careful that you do not fall into a vibration of judgement, guilt, envy or resentment: these are TOXIC emotions which will cause your brain to alter its vibration.
  • Visualize the content of your mantra.  Turn it into a movie and enjoy the movie.  Your are not doing this to force the universe into action - a ridiculous proposition.  You are doing it so that you may alter your current brain vibration to one of "feeling good".


  • Always carry a notebook with you and jot down any insights that you receive during or after performing the Level 3 process.  These insights may come to you in a variety of ways ... hints, dreams, coincidences, TV, Radio or  film production, newspaper articles, overhearing a conversation. 

    Insights differ greatly from daydreaming or wishing--usually there is a "knowing or certainty or sense of urgency" attached to an insight.

    Personally, I get most of my insights, ideas and inspirations during the Level 3 process itself.  However, I have also received powerful insights early in the morning (just before entering the Beta frequency) and during vivid dreams.  Dreams are a very powerful way to get insights.  Indeed, many of the spectacular inventions and discoveries of our times came about because of an insight received through a dream.

DISCLAIMER: Always check with your physician before downloading or using this self-healing video program.  People affected by mental or physical illness must consult with their physician before using any of these products.   Do not use when operating machinery or driving.

PLEASE:  Do let me know of any POSITIVE effects you experience as a result of using this self-help process.  You can also read the latest testimonials on the reboot your brain blog.  Your input is particularly important to the continuous improvement of this project. 




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